5 ways know someone snapchat plus
5 ways know someone snapchat plus

Eager to know if your friends are enjoying the premium perks of Snapchat Plus? This quick guide breaks down five straightforward ways to know if someone has Snapchat Plus activated.

5 Splendid Ways to Know if Someone Has Snapchat Plus

1. Snapchat+ Badge

The most straightforward clue is the Snapchat Plus badge—a star icon next to the profile name.

A quick visit to a friend’s profile will reveal this badge, but keep in mind, that some users can opt to hide it.

While the presence of the star signals a Snapchat Plus subscription, its absence doesn’t necessarily mean otherwise.

2. Replayed Your Snap Twice

A foolproof confirmation lies in your snap replay alerts. Regular Snapchat users get one replay, but if your friend replays your snap twice, you’ve caught them red-handed as a Snapchat Plus subscriber.

This exclusive feature elevates the user experience by providing an additional replay option, making it a distinctive marker of premium membership.

3. Premium Chat Wallpaper

Exploring chat wallpapers offers another avenue for detection. If a friend showcases a chat wallpaper with a Star badge, it’s a telltale sign of Snapchat Plus.

The Star-adorned wallpapers are exclusive to premium subscribers, creating a visible distinction between standard and premium users within the app’s messaging interface.

4. Premium/AI-Generated Profile Background

Delve into a user’s profile background for the next clue. A golden-ringed AI badge signals Snapchat Plus membership.

This exclusive feature allows subscribers to craft AI-generated custom profile backgrounds, setting them apart from regular users.

Spotting this badge ensures you’ve identified someone savoring the enhanced features of Snapchat Plus.

5. Custom Story Expiration

The longevity of Snapchat stories can also hint at premium subscription status. Snapchat Plus users can customize story expiration times, offering flexibility beyond the standard options.

If a friend’s story persists for more than 24 hours, they might be a Snapchat Plus subscriber.

However, it’s crucial to consider the possibility of reposting as a factor in the prolonged visibility of a particular story.

Wind Up

Armed with these 5 distinctive ways, knowing if someone has Snapchat Plus becomes a straightforward endeavour.

Navigate the Snapchat landscape with confidence, distinguishing between standard and premium users effortlessly.

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Important FAQs

Can you see if someone half-swipes with Snapchat Plus?

Absolutely! Snapchat Plus introduces “Peak a Peak,” allowing you to detect when someone half-swipes on your chat.

What does Snapchat Plus reveal?

Snapchat Plus offers insights like the number of story rewatches and half-swipes, providing a more engaging user experience.

How is Snapchat Plus different?

Snapchat Plus stands out as a premium subscription plan, unlocking exclusive features and early access to certain functionalities before non-Plus users.


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