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How to Avoid Scams When Riding With Uber: Expert Tips for Safe Trips


Uber has revolutionised transportation, offering convenience and accessibility at the tap of a button. However, amidst its popularity, there are lurking dangers of falling victim to scams.

Here we aim to explain common scams on Uber and how to avoid scams in uber. Here we offer practical tips for a safe, scam-free ride.

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What Are the Most Common Uber Scams?

1. Your Uber Driver Scams You With Fake Cleaning Fees

One of the prevalent scams involves drivers fabricating cleaning fees. While legitimate cleaning fees are applied for significant messes, some unscrupulous drivers exploit this system by falsely claiming damages.

For instance, a passenger was once charged $150 for a fabricated cleaning fee, only to discover that the evidence provided by the driver was sourced from Google Images.

Instances like these underscore the importance of vigilance and scrutiny when reviewing trip charges.

2. Drivers Not Ending the Trip After They Drop You Off

Another deceptive tactic employed by some drivers is failing to end the trip after dropping off passengers.

This results in inflated fares, as the metre continues to run beyond the actual journey distance.

Fixing these issues can be challenging, often needing lots of back-and-forth with Uber support. It’s better to prevent them by keeping a close eye on trip times.

3. Your Driver Scams You by Needlessly Increasing the Trip Duration

Some driver’s resort to elongating the journey duration by taking circuitous routes, thus inflating fares.

This manipulation of the route not only deceives passengers but also compromises their trust in the Uber platform. Maintaining awareness of the chosen route and advocating for direct navigation can mitigate the risk of falling prey to such deceitful practices.

4. Your Uber Driver Asks You to Pay in Cash When You Didn’t Choose to

While Uber offers various payment methods, including cash, instances have been reported where drivers coerce passengers into paying in cash, contrary to the chosen payment method in the app.

This deviation from the agreed-upon payment mode raises suspicion and necessitates caution on the part of passengers.

5. A Different Uber Driver Picks You Up

In rare but alarming cases, passengers encounter situations where a different individual arrives to pick them up instead of the designated Uber driver.

Such occurrences pose grave safety risks, as passengers may unwittingly enter a vehicle driven by an unauthorized individual. Verifying the driver’s identity before boarding is imperative to safeguard against this scam.

How to Avoid Scams When Riding With Uber

1. Check Driver Reviews Before You Confirm Your Booking

Prior to confirming a ride, take advantage of Uber’s review system to assess the reliability and professionalism of prospective drivers.

Favour drivers with positive feedback and ratings, minimising the likelihood of encountering fraudulent practices.

2. Use Uber’s Trip Verification Feature

Utilise Uber’s trip verification feature to authenticate the assigned driver and vehicle. By enabling the use of a PIN to confirm trips, passengers can ensure they are boarding the correct vehicle and mitigate the risk of unauthorized pickups.

3. Choose the Right Payment Method

Select the preferred payment method, be it credit/debit card or cash, before confirming the ride. Avoid last-minute changes to the payment method, as such alterations could prompt opportunistic drivers to exploit payment discrepancies.

4. Report Scams as Soon as Possible

In the event of encountering fraudulent activities or suspicious behaviour, promptly report the incident to Uber through the app.

Providing detailed information and evidence enhances the platform’s ability to address and rectify such occurrences, safeguarding the community against future scams.

Wind Up

While Uber offers unparalleled convenience in urban mobility, the prevalence of scams underscores the importance of vigilance and precautionary measures.

By familiarising yourself with common scam tactics and implementing proactive strategies, passengers can navigate the Uber ecosystem safely and confidently.

Remember, staying informed and assertive is paramount in avoiding scams and enjoying a seamless ride experience with Uber.

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