Google Earth mobile app
Google Earth mobile app

Now you can explore worldwide satellite imagery and 3D buildings with Google Earth mobile app. It is actually a computer program that provides a 3-dimensional representation of Earth. It is a very useful app to visualize abstract concepts across a Global canvas. This helps you to visually reach the whole world. Most of you may be knowing that satellite images are used to study space science.

People study Earth’s atmosphere, monitor natural disasters, and map human activities through these images. These images are just like maps which are full of very interesting information. They play a very powerful and important role in monitoring the Earth. Know the specifications of such a useful tool in this article.

Google Earth Mobile App

Google Earth is a free-to-use program that lets you fly over a virtual globe. It lets you explore the whole Earth with its high-resolution graphics and satellite pictures. You can even zoom into your hometown, and take visual excursions to Earth’s most known and unknown places.

Google gives you even minute details of all populated areas. The images are so detailed that you can clearly see and recognize everything including your house. The app provides you with a digital elevated model through which you can see the landscape of almost all Geographical areas in 3D.

You can also see how places have changed and evolved with time through a time-lapse video in the app. The app provides you with a collection of guided tours by BBC Earth, NASA, National Geographic, and others in ‘Voyagers’. You can also use it to explore various locations.

You can also get a view of galaxies in outer space to the Canyons of the ocean. It helps you get all the geographical data of the Earth like learning about the diversity across biomes and chefs and measuring how a river changed its shape.

To use this app make sure you have downloaded and installed Google Earth on your device. You can download Google Earth from the Google Play Store or directly from the link provided on our website at the end of this post. So, with this wonderful free Android App explore the world and go on an adventure with Google Earth.

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