Magic Call voice changer
Magic Call voice changer

Enjoy your conversations and have fun while making calls by changing your voice with the amazing Magic Call – voice changer app. This fun service allows you to change your voice when you call your friends or family members. With this entertaining app, you can easily fool your near and dear ones by sounding different.

It is the best app to play pranks on your contacts and have fun with them. With voice changer apps you can listen to the same voice in different voices. These apps are compatible with mostly all software. They also provide users with easy-to-use features. In this article, you will know about the specification and details of such an app.

Make your calls more fun with Magic Call – Voice Changer App

The MagicCall voice changer is a wonderful app that will surprise your call receivers with unusual voices. You can enjoy Real Time voice changers during calls with this app. It provides you with multiple voice options like a female voice, a kid voice, a cartoon voice, and a lot more.

This app also lets you switch between different voices while being on a call. The app even allows you to test your own voice by recording and listening to it before you make any call. With this app, you can also play various sound emoticons like kissing sounds, clapping sounds, and others during the call.

This is the most affordable way to turn any simple call into fun. MagicCall also lets you use different Background voices like Raining, Happy Birthday song, Traffic noise, and Music Concert background. These Call background sounds take your calls to the next level of fun.

To use this app make sure that you have this app downloaded and installed on your device. To start making calls select the particular voice from the available voice list. You can also choose a background sound from the given sounds. After this, you can either dial any number or select a number from your contact list.

After this place your call. When your call gets Connected the MagicCall voice changer automatically Converts your voice into the selected voice. However, you can also choose the Normal voice option to talk in your original voice.

When you register on this app for the first time you get free credits to make calls. You can also invite others to the app and win scratch cards. For this, you can generate your own unique link and share it with your contacts.

Each time any of your contacts downloads the app from your given link you get a scratch card with which you can win exciting cash prizes. You can Redeem your prize or purchase MagicCall credits.

The MagicCall voice changer is developed by BNG MOBILE and has received an overall rating of 3.5 stars on Play Store. It requires the Android 5.0 and above operating system to run.

You can download it from the Google Play Store or from the link provided on our website at the end of this post. So, have fun with this entertaining app and enjoy your friends’ reactions and responses on call.

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