WhatsApp Channel Alerts feature
WhatsApp Channel Alerts feature

A real-time messaging platform industry leader, Meta-owned WhatsApp has been continuously serving top-notch features to users. WhatsApp has now started testing its new channel alert feature in the meantime.

It is currently available for beta users only before they roll out the feature to all users worldwide. Want to know more about this advancement? let’s scroll down and read!

WhatsApp New Channel Alert Feature For Android Beta

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WhatsApp Channel Alerts is a novel feature currently under testing in the Android beta version

Its primary purpose is to ensure that users are well-informed about the status of their channels, especially in situations where regional restrictions are enforced.

The genesis of this feature lies in the need for WhatsApp to align with local laws and regulations, which sometimes necessitate the platform to limit access to specific content in certain geographical areas.

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Understanding Channel Alerts on WhatsApp

To grasp the significance of WhatsApp Channel Alerts, it’s crucial to comprehend how they function. A screenshot shared in a report vividly illustrates the mechanics of this feature.

Imagine a scenario where a channel is closed in the United States. In such cases, WhatsApp promptly notifies the channel owner with a message stating, “Local laws require your Channel be closed in the US.

WhatsApp complied after conducting a legal and human rights assessment.” This communication implies that individuals with a US phone number won’t be able to see or follow the channel.

However, the channel remains accessible and active in other countries and regions.

Availability and Testing

There might be a slight challenge for avid WhatsApp users eager to explore this feature.

Access to WhatsApp Channel Alerts necessitates following a WhatsApp Channel that operates in a region where this feature is relevant.

However, it’s important to note that as of now, WhatsApp Channel Alerts are not universally available. The feature is still in its testing phase and is yet to be rolled out to all users.


WhatsApp testing a new channel alert feature is a sign of the company’s commitment to the law and regulations.

With this alert, WhatsApp will notify channel creators about the restrictions and boundaries.

This advancement is an essential thing in order to serve a great user experience. While it’s under the checking phase, we can’t say much about its functionality.

Let’s wait for the official announcement and keep your eye on Yitake.


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