WhatsApp Video Call Features Scams
WhatsApp Video Call Features Scams

In recent months, India has witnessed a surge in cyber scams, with unsuspecting victims losing significant amounts of money to online fraud. The ever-evolving tactics of cybercriminals now include a new threat – the WhatsApp video call Screen Share features Scams.

This article aims to shed light on this deceptive scheme and provide essential tips to safeguard yourself.

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Understanding the WhatsApp Video Call Features Scams

The WhatsApp screen-share scams are a cunning ploy employed by scammers to exploit the app’s screen-sharing feature.

Unlike conventional scams that directly request sensitive information, this scam manipulates users into initiating screen sharing through the WhatsApp app.

By impersonating others, creating a false sense of urgency, or offering assistance with phone-related issues, scammers coax users into unwittingly granting them real-time access to their phone’s screen.

Once the screen share begins, scammers gain the ability to see everything on the user’s screen, extending beyond WhatsApp messages to sensitive information like one-time passwords (OTPs) for bank accounts, social media, or other crucial services.

Armed with this data, scammers can drain bank accounts, lock users out of social media by changing passwords, or install malware for future tracking.

The Silent Danger: No Active Input Required

What makes this scam particularly perilous is its minimal demand for active user input.

A simple click to enable screen sharing, often used innocuously for legitimate purposes, gives scammers unfettered access to sensitive data.

This stolen information becomes a tool for a myriad of criminal activities, from financial theft to facilitating broader cyber abuses.

Protecting Yourself: Key Tips

  1. Exercise Caution with Unknown Calls: Be wary of voice or video calls from unfamiliar WhatsApp numbers. Avoid answering calls from unknown contacts, and when in doubt, verify the caller’s identity before proceeding.
  2. Guard Your Confidential Information: Never share OTPs, credit/debit card details, or CVVs, even if the requests seem legitimate. Stay vigilant against potential scams.
  3. Safeguard Passwords: Maintain the confidentiality of your passwords. Refrain from disclosing them to anyone, even those claiming to represent official organizations.
  4. Mindful Screen Sharing: During video calls, especially when sharing your screen, ensure that you’ve opened only the relevant file. Avoid opening apps like messages or notepads containing sensitive information such as passwords.

Wind Up

As cybercriminals continue to adapt and devise new schemes, WhatsApp users in India must stay informed and vigilant.

By following these simple yet effective tips, you can fortify your defenses against the WhatsApp Video Call Screen features Share Scams, and other potential threats, ensuring a safer digital experience. Stay alert, stay secure.



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