YouTube new interface for Video Player
YouTube new interface for Video Player

Android and iOS users will be getting a new interface for the YouTube video player. This new UI feature will give you easier access to more Buttons. This means that now to like or dislike a video you do not have to swipe up through a lot of sections.

YouTube is a Google-owned video streaming app. It serves millions of video views each day. It was mainly started with an Idea for ordinary people to enjoy sharing their ‘home videos’. In this article, you will get to know the details about a feature that brings a new version of this popular social media platform for Android and iOS users.

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New Interface for YouTube’s video Player on Android and IOS

YouTube is releasing a new user interface for its mobile app’s full-screen video player. With this new release now you can easily like or dislike a video, view posted comments, and share the videos you are watching. In the old version, most of these features were hidden behind a swipe-up gesture on the more videos section. Whereas the new version puts them in front and Centre, relegating the related videos to a button in the corner.

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This change will be visible only when you are watching a video in full screen. If you watch the video in portrait mode the app looks the same to a large extent. However, doing so comes with the plus point of having easy access to the share button and its controls. Now you are getting this benefit while watching videos in landscape view as well.

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This feature also enables you to easily access the mode in which you can see comments alongside the video in landscape view. Previously you had to tap on the comments section in portrait mode to open it. But now you can go to the comment section in full-screen mode. In the new UI, you can pull them up with a tap on the comments button.

According to Google spokesperson Allison Toh, the new UI will start rolling out on Monday and will be available for both Android and iOS devices. So far this feature has not been rolled out for everyone. But there are reports that multiple people have the new design. Hope this new UI change gives you a great experience!



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