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WhatsApp working on new feature to manage two-step verification for Desktop Client


WhatsApp is working on a new feature to manage two-step verification for the desktop client that offers extra security to the messenger users. This new feature is reported to bring the ability to enable and disable two-step verification for the WhatsApp desktop beta.

In a previous article it was explained how important it is to choose authentication app while configuring the two step verification for your mail account. If you to fall victim of SIM swap scam you will know that to keep your WhatsApp account safe from unauthorized access. This verification is very important. With this feature WhatsApp is providing its users an additional layer of security.

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WhatsApp manage two-step verification for WhatsApp desktop client

At present WhatsApp is evidently working on a bunch of new features relating utility, privacy and many other. In this series of underdevelopment features WhatsApp has added one more feature. You all know the importance of enabling the two-step verification on WhatsApp Messenger. This verification gives more security to your account.

When you register your WhatsApp account you need a personal PIN to login to your account after entering the 6 digit code. Now WhatsApp wants to make managing two-step verification easier for all applications. So the WhatsApp developers team is putting effort to introduce the features for WhatsApp web/desktop client in future. The two-step verification feature is already available for iOS and Android users.

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In an available preview of this recent development you can see that in future it will be possible for the web/desktop client to enable or disable the two-step verification. This feature is useful specially when you lose your phone and have forgotten the pin. You can of course restore it by requesting a reset link and change the pin. This will block your WhatsApp account on the Lost Phone.

But if you are unable to log into your mail account temporarily, this can prove to be a good solution. As mentioned earlier this feature is still under development so it is not available right now. But you will get news as soon as the feature is ready to release. So, wait for a future update and keep following us for all the news on latest developments.

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