Touch Lockscreen Photopassword app
Touch Lockscreen Photopassword app

Now you can unlock your phone screen with a new style password with the Touch Lockscreen Photopassword app. With this amazing app, you can turn a cool display picture into your device password. The app lets you unlock your device by just touching a specific part of the photo. You all know the importance of setting passwords on our mobile devices.

It is very essential for protecting our data and keeping our devices secure from unauthorized users. We all commonly use PINs, Passwords,s or Patterns for security locks. Today we will discuss an app that gives you an advanced level of security in a unique way instead of the same boring way. Know about the specifications and other details of this unique app in the article below.

Unlock your Phone with the Touch Lockscreen Photopassword app

The Touch Lockscreen Photopassword is a modern screen lock innovated with the latest technology for your mobile’s security purposes. The app provides you with an advanced level of security. You can set any of your favorite photos as your touch password.

You can set two or four selected positions to make your touch lock password. You can also set a recovery pin password if in any case, the touch lock does not work or you forget the position. This application also offers 20 + amazing themes of its own. If you wish choose among these wonderful themes to set as your home screen wallpaper.

The Touch Lockscreen Photopassword has a very simple yet powerful interface that is Compatible with all mobile phones. It also works well on low-end, old mobile devices if their screens are touch aware. The app provides you with undoubtedly strong security as it has a hidden Technology inside the touch lock screen.

This app even enables you to avoid exposing passwords to others in an innovative way. Moreover, this magical Technology makes your password hardly noticeable. This clever idea is launched for the first time and is a patented Technology.

To use this app make sure you have downloaded and installed it on your device. You can download it from the Google Play Store or directly from the link provided on our website at the end of this post. So this useful app displays a cool photo on your mobile phone screen and uses it to unlock your device quickly and in an easy way.

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