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How You Can Effortlessly Download Instagram Stories with Audio: A Simple Guide


If you’ve ever tried to download an Instagram ‘Story,’ you might have noticed that the audio doesn’t come along with the video. However, there’s a simple method to save Instagram Stories with the audio intact.

With the help of this amazing guide let’s go through the process of download Instagram Stories with audio, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite moments with the sound they were meant to have.

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How to Download Instagram Stories With Music

1. Open the Instagram App:

Launch the Instagram app on your device to begin the process.

2. Compose a Story with Audio:

Create your Story, ensuring you add your preferred audio to it.

3. Save Your Story:

Tap on the three-dot menu in the top-right corner and select “Save.”

4. Access Messages:

Open Instagram again, go to the Messages section and click on the “camera” icon.

5. Select Your Story:

Choose the downloaded video (Story) and add music to your Story again.

6. Choose “Keep in Chat”:

Ensure “Keep in chat” is selected at the bottom-left corner of your screen.

7. Send Your Story:

Tap on “Send” to share the Story with your selected contact.

8. Access Options After Delivery:

Once the message is delivered, tap and hold on the video to reveal a range of options.

9. Save Your Story:

Click on the “Save” option to download the Story to your gallery.

Downloading Older Stories with Audio

If you want to download an older Story published with audio, follow these additional steps:

1. Visit Archive:

Navigate to the Archive section on your profile.

2. Select Desired Story:

Download the desired Story from the Archive.

3. Repeat the Process:

Follow the same steps mentioned earlier to ensure the audio is preserved.

Wind Up

Now that you’ve learned the straightforward method of download Instagram Stories with audio, you can relish your memories with the full audio experience.

Whether it’s a recent Story or an older one from your archive, this guide ensures you can enjoy every moment as intended.

Share this knowledge with fellow Instagram users and enhance their Story-saving experience.

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