WhatsApp Share status to Facebook
WhatsApp Share status to Facebook

WhatsApp is working on a new exclusive Communities tab for WhatsApp beta Android and iOS users. News on WhatsApp Communities has been around for a while. The news reporter announced that the platform was working to develop a new way for group admins that will help manage WhatsApp groups using admin tools.

The Meta-owned WhatsApp is a fast simple and secure messaging app. The platform keeps on introducing new features to enhance the app to boost user experience. Weeks ago it introduced a new under development feature ‘Communities’. In this update, the app reportedly brings new information on a new exclusive Communities tab. The Communities tab will enable you to find all your Communities. This feature is reported to be available in a future update.

WhatsApp working on a new Communities tab

The last update on the Communities feature was about a newly added section called ‘Community Home’. In this section, you could list all your Communities, but after that update, no further information was available. It was reported that WhatsApp has plans to replace the camera tab with a new Community tab.

This tab possibly redirects you to Community Home. Finally, a preview of this new Community tab has been released by the leading WhatsApp news portal. The popular messenger and chat support software are working to bring the community tab into the iOS app also. Additionally, the community tab replaces the camera tab.

The Report mentions that when you open this new tab and no communities are available you will get to read an introduction for the community. You all know that a community brings all related groups under one roof and all the communities that you create or those you get added to will be visible in this section.

At present, it is not possible to say in detail what this new exclusive community tab will offer. But currently, if you are a community admin you can reach everyone at once by sending messages to all community members.

As mentioned earlier this feature is under development so it is not available to beta testers. However, as soon as it is ready for testing it will be released in a coming update of WhatsApp. To know details on which new admin tools will be at hand for communities, and other upcoming developments are sure to follow us.



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