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Know how to Hide your Instagram Messages in few easy steps


Instagram is a very popular social media platform. You can widely share your photos, videos and text to someone privately through Instagram chats or direct messages. Messages are one of the main elements of any social media. At times you may want to hide your Instagram messages for some privacy reason. Hiding messages is not a new concept.

It is the most secure way to send a private message which makes sure that no one other than the sender and receiver will ever know that the message ever existed. Such feature is already present in Facebook messenger and WhatsApp. Unfortunately at present Instagram does not support this feature. But you can still keep your chat private in Instagram using a little different way. In this article you will get a short account on how you can hide your Instagram messages in few simple steps.

Hiding Instagram chats messages

Instagram is an interpersonal organization. Your instant notification is one of the most undervalued tools that most people don’t notice. So when you hide or disable your notifications your messages will automatically go unnoticed by the public. To hide your Instagram messages make sure that your account is a creator account. In creator account your inbox has two inbox Primary inbox and General inbox.


\Now to hide your chats go to your Instagram profile first. Then tap on the three line icon on top right corner of your profile. Then select the settings option from the displayed menu. From here select the ‘Notification’ option. Now tap on ‘Direct messages’ option. Under direct messages scroll down and select the ‘Messages’ section in the middle. In this section you will find three options: Off, From Primary only and From Primary and General.

These three options will help you to hide your notifications by category. By selecting the first option you will not get any notification when you receive a message on Instagram. Selecting the second option will notify you when you receive message from your primary inbox and when you select the third option the app will notify you when you receive messages from anyone.

To hide everyone’s notification select the first ‘Off’ option. If you want to receive notification from primary inbox select second ‘From primary only’ option. And if you want to receive notification from both primary and general inbox select the third ‘From Primary and General’ option. With these few simple steps you can easily hide your Instagram chats or conversations. For more new tech related information keep following us.

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