WhatsApp working on New Media Picker
WhatsApp working on New Media Picker

WhatsApp is rolling out a new revamped User Interface for contact and group Info. The platform has previously released a new Interface for Contact Info. According to the reports, after releasing the feature to some select users in the previous update now the Instant messaging app is announcing a similar feature for more iOS beta testers.

It is already known that WhatsApp is continuously working on upgrading itself with new improvements and features. Recently the platform has been redesigning a lot of features to enhance the app. After previous UI activation for Contact Info, now the popular messenger and chat support software is again ready with a new revamped user Interface for Contact and Group Info. Check out the details of this new addition in this article.

WhatsApp revamped the user interface for Contact and Group Info

In an article that was released a few days back, the leading WhatsApp news portal WABetaInfo had given details on WhatsApp beta for iOS update. The article reported a new Interface for Contact Info. It was explained that WhatsApp was rolling out this new update to some select beta testers and some selected stable users.

According to the current report of WABetaInfo WhatsApp is releasing the new Contact Info user Interface to more beta testers in this latest beta update. The report assumes that the feature might be available to all beta testers within 24 hours. The platform has added one more feature in the same update.

The report has released a screenshot of the new Interface for business Info which is as same as the Interface for Contact Info. But additionally, the platform is also releasing the same revamped user Interface for ‘Group Info’ too in this update. The report further adds that the popular social networking service is rolling out the new redesigned UI for Contact Info, Business Info, and Group Info for maximum users in this latest update.

The platform submitted this update through the TestFlight beta program. It would be available in the app store for users who use the stable releases. To get this latest feature to be sure to install the latest beta version of WhatsApp. Those who don’t see the new Interface yet may have to wait for a few more hours. For more news on future updates of WhatsApp beta for Android, iOS, and web/Desktop keep following us.



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