Gold lock screen
Gold lock screen

Gold lock screen app is an amazing app that makes your phone screen look Golden and beautiful. You can unlock your phone in your own unique style with this popular luxury zipper app. With this wonderful application, you can choose your own wallpaper for your lock screen and your device background. This customizable screen app is designed to give you a wonderful style experience.

All of us use wallpapers on our mobile phones. To make your phone look more attractive you apply various themes. There are many applications available that let you create the wallpaper of your choice. Today we will discuss such an app that makes your mobile stand out with its Golden zipper lock.

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Gold Lock screen app

Gold Lock screen app is a perfect app to secure your device beautifully. This wonderful application gives you a reliable security feature that safeguards your phone’s privacy. It offers you several distinctive unlocking styles combined with an alluring appearance. Here is all that you need to know about this amazing application.

With this cool app, you can choose a wallpaper for both the locker and device background. It lets you customize your zipper style according to your phone display background. The app also provides you with different colors and shapes for row styles. It also lets you choose between different font styles.

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You can set any of these font styles to display information on your zipper lock screen. The app lets you get a preview of every modification before you apply it to your lock screen. You can also opt for a pattern or password lock right within the app.

Gold Lock screen app also features many customization options to make your phone locking experience more interesting. You can choose the animation speed of your zipper lock from within the app’s settings tab. You can either unfold it instantly or a bit slower. Also, you can choose to switch on the zipper sound or mute it.

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It is applicable to vibration also. The app also displays the current date, time, and battery percentage on your phone screen. However, you can always opt for a clean display look by turning off all the widgets options. It is a very simple and easy-to-use app.

How to use this app

To use the gold lock screen app make sure to download and install it on your mobile. After you launch the app click on the enable button. To make it work simply turn it on, select a theme of your choice, and apply for the lock screen. You can download it from the Google Play Store or directly from our website through the link provided below. Now secure your device beautifully with this wonderful lock screen app.

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