Speaker Cleaner Gogone app
Speaker Cleaner Gogone app

Speaker Cleaner Gogone app is a very useful and highly productive application that removes water and dust from your phone’s speakers. The app works by creating a vibrating sound that ejects the water and unclogs your phone speaker. The process of removing water this way is very simple and easy.

Today we are living in an Era when smartphones have become an important part of our lifestyle. In such a scenario, if we accidentally drop our phone in water and the sounds become muffled it can create a big disruption. So today you will know about an app that can work as a lifesaver in such situations.

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Speaker Cleaner Gogone app

We all must have come to a situation once in our lives when somehow our phone speakers have been clogged with water or dust. In the first place, this can disrupt communication very badly as muffled sounds come out of the phone. Secondly, if any fluid remains inside it can cause serious damage to your phone speaker when it dries out.

So it is very important to remove and unclog water and dust from phone speakers to enjoy smooth functioning and improve sound quality. Like another speaker cleaner apps, this app also works using sound waves of different frequencies to break up the water. As the name suggests, it has only one function and it performs it quite well.

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It simply cleans your phone speakers without disturbing the rest of the device. The built-in cleaning modes of the app remove trapped water from inside the speaker in no time. Speaker Cleaner Gogone app lets users select between two different cleaning modes – Auto and Manual. With the auto cleaning mode, the process becomes automatic and starts working by just pressing the ‘start’ button.

While in manual cleaning mode, you have to select the exact sound frequency manually that works best for the specific speaker. The app provides a slide bar to adjust the frequency. Before you get started the app gives you certain instructions for better functioning. It tells you to disconnect the earphones if connected.

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Next, put the phone in such a way that the speaker is facing down, and lastly set the volume to maximum. When the process gets completed the app will ask if your problem is fixed. And if you are not satisfied with the result just repeat the process again.

How to use this app

Speaker Cleaner Gogone app is a free-to-use, ad-supported Android application. The required operating system for this app to run is 5.0 and above. To use this app you need to download and install it on your smartphone. It may request access for certain permissions to work. You can download it from the Google Play Store or directly from the link provided on this website below.




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