Record calls with ODialer app
Record calls with ODialer app

Now you can record your calls without an on-call voice disclaimer with the amazing ODialer app. This is a very useful application in terms of privacy as it allows you to record calls in stealth mode. Android smartphone generally has their own dialler applications for voice recording, but they come with a disclaimer announcement which may not be liked by some people. With this app, you can easily avoid this situation.

This useful Android application developed by Oppo’s color OS has a very simple and easy-to-use interface. Other than just recording calls it supports many other functions like speed dial, dark mode and etc. Know more details of this application in this article below.

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Record calls with the New Phone ODialer app

ODialer App is a wonderful application that lets you make powerful phone calls with amazing features like Call recording, Calls, Contacts management, and a dial pad. The main feature of this application is to support Call recording without an on-call disclaimer announcement.

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The voice recording features of other Android diallers inform the other party that their call is being recorded which can make some people suspicious or feel offended. The simple solution for this problem ODialer provides is removing the disclaimer so that nobody would even know that their call is on record.

The Call management feature of the app organizes all your recent calls into groups to let you view them in a Convenient way. The speed dial feature of the ODialer lets you make Calls to your top contacts in a quick and easy way.

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With the Contact Management feature, you can manage all your contacts in one place. The main Call recording feature lets you record your calls in both ways – automatic or manual. You can select any one of them at your convenience.

How to use this app

The required operating system for the app to run is Android 12 and above. To use the ODialer app download and install it on your smartphone. The best part of this app is that it does not require any special permission to work. You can download it from the Google Play Store or directly from the link provided below.

Get it on Google Play



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