Pika Charging animations app
Pika Charging animations app

Pika charging show – charging animations app is a cool charging application for Android. This hottest and exclusive personal charging tool is going live with its amazing features. This app does not let your Phone sleep while it is being charged. The unique and creative animations of this app make your phone more interesting.

Usually, we all leave our phone alone while it is in charging due to several factors. This app makes your phone more unique with its enthusiastic support. You will be able to add interesting animations that will make your device stand out. Know about the details in this article.

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Pika charging show – Charging animations App

Pika charging show is a cool app having unique features to help your device stand out. This app runs very smoothly. It has a wide range of exquisite charging animations designed carefully. All these animations have distinctive attractive features. You can choose the animations according to your preference to make your phone more enjoyable.

This app automatically displays the charging animation on your phone screen. It opens great images by default which saves you a lot of time. So, you don’t have to open the app manually after connecting your phone to the charging cable.

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This app checks the time for you at certain intervals. It tests the charging power of the equipment. The app also checks the last charging time and charging amount at the beginning and at the end of charging. It also counts the charging speed which will tell you how much time is left for charging. This helps users to manage the device better.

You can also add new animated wallpapers as background images. You will get one or more related wallpapers for each of them. Pika! The charging show also provides you with a smart interface. With its attractive and exciting interface, you can see all the features. You can also refresh your device’s image by using the pre-installed wallpaper provided by the app.

This Cool app is developed by Pika! studios and has received an overwell rating of 4.0 stars on Google Play Store. It runs on Android 5.1 and above the operating system. To use this app you have to download it from the Google Play Store or directly from the link given below on our website. So, enjoy the dozens of charging animations provided on this app and stand away from the crowd.

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