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Turn your phone back to the 20th-century dialer keypad with the Old Phone Dialer keypad Rotary App


The old phone dialer is a brilliant application that turns your phone back to the 20th-century dialer keypad. This app makes your phone look beautiful with its old-school look. It makes your mobile keypad look exactly like the old model phone.

If you are bored of using your current keypad dialer you can use this app to give your dialer a different look. This is the best alternative to enjoy the 20th-century phone in the 21st century. So, if you miss your old phone with a rotary dialer and want to take time back to the old days, this is the best app for you.

Old Phone Dialer Keypad Rotary App

Along with giving your mobile keypad a unique and attractive retro look the Old Phone Dialer keypad Rotary app also provides you with other interesting features. The dialing rotation of the app is very slick and smooth so you can dial the numbers very easily. The app offers the dialer keypad in several styles.


You get a Metallic style keyboard, a Black style keyboard, a Classic wooden style keyboard, and Blue contact style keyboard. The Old Phone Dialer keypad Rotary app also features 3D contacts with keypads. The real sound effect of the rotary dialer makes the dialer much more interesting and realistic. It even changes along with your finger speed.

It also provides you with the option to choose between a rotary dialer or a keypad dialer within the menu list. The menu also lets you search for contacts add contacts and send SMS. To find and search for contacts you just have to open the 3D contacts list.

How to use this app

Use the old phone dialler keypad rotary app to download and install it on your smartphone. Before you get started the app asks for necessary permissions in order to work. Once you get started you can touch on any number and rotate clockwise to make calls.

You have to continuously rotate until your finger passes the handle image. However to speed up calling you can always use the keypad option from the menu. You can download the app from the Google Play Store or directly from the link provided below.

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