WhatsApp introduced 8 new features this week
WhatsApp introduced 8 new features this week

WhatsApp is rolling out a new Message Reactions feature for Desktop beta clients. The platform has submitted this update through the official beta channel. With this update the version reaches to 2.2208.1. This update brings reference about a new action to react to messages which will be available in a future update.

WhatsApp has been testing the ability to react to messages feature from quite some time. The Instant messaging app is day by day bringing more improvements in the feature. After some additions for WhatsApp beta Android and iOS users in previous updates. The platform is introducing a new development of Message Reaction feature for Desktop users in this recent beta update.

WhatsApp rolling out New option for Message Reactions

You all know that WhatsApp has been working to develop Message Reactions feature from last few months. In its previous updates the platform released a ‘shortcut to quickly react to messages’ feature and the ability to ‘view who reacted to messages’ feature for beta Desktop clients. However both these features are currently under development process. But the good news is that, the platform is now working to add another new option to react to messages.

According to report you can see that WhatsApp is planning to introduce a “React to massage” option in future update which will be available within the message menu. According to previous reports about messages reaction features, you could only react to messages with the help of the button available next to the message.

Though to use the newly added option you have to do one more tap for reacting to any message Which makes it a bit lengthy process. It seems that using the button available next to message for reacting will be the fastest and simplest way to send any reaction. Yet the report suggests that by deciding to include this new alternative maybe the platform wants to provide you with an extra option for Message Reactions.

As the ability to react to messages feature is still under development it is not available to beta testers. But because the changes have already been introduced in this update, you can expect it soon in a coming date. However there is no official announcement about its final release date. But you will get information as soon as it is released to WhatsApp beta Android, iOS and desktop users. For more updates on all upcoming new features stay tuned with us.



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