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Get remote access to other devices from anywhere with TeamViewer Remote Control and QuickSupport app


Get remote access to other devices from anywhere with TeamViewer Remote Control and QuickSupport apps. With remote access applications, you can very easily control another device from any other location. These apps help you to take over the other device and use it just like your own.

In today’s internet-driven world we all have to be digitally very smart for being up to date in all ways. For this reason, most of us must be handling more than one internet-accessed device. Today you will know about an amazing app that would let you handle both your devices together.

TeamViewer Remote Control and QuickSupport App

Many times we might feel the need to access two smartphones or a Computer, Laptop, and smartphone together for any reason. It may be an important reason like transferring files and documents or keeping full track and information of any other devices’ activities.


With TeamViewer Remote Control and TeamViewer QuickSupport app, you can perform this action very easily. Though these two are different apps you have to download both to perform the remote access functions. Below we will explain to you in full detail how to use these apps, their specifications, and their functionality.

Download TeamViewer Remote Control and QuickSupport app

You need to install TeamViewer Remote Control on your device or the device through which you want to access another device. Then you have to install the TeamViewer QuickSupport app on the other device that you want to control through your device.

Quick support will show an ID on the device on which you have installed TeamViewer’s full version. Then you have to enter that ID into the ID field and connect your device to the other side. Now your device is fully ready to control the device in which the Quick Support app is installed.

However, both the apps work parallelly still they have some distinctive features. With the TeamViewer Remote Control app, you can manage another Computer, smartphone, and tablet from anywhere very easily. The app helps you to give spontaneous support to other unattended servers and control other mobile devices with its intuitive touch and control.

Manage Share Screen

This app also provides you with screen sharing, Computers, and contact management. It also features Sound and HD video transfers in real-time. The connection is secured with 2048 Bit RSA key Exchange.

With TeamViewer QuickSupport you can view device information, uninstall apps and push and pull Wi-Fi settings. It also lets you view system Diagnostic information, take a real-time screenshot of the device and store all Confidential information in the device clipboard.

The app has a feature called process list that lets you stop all the processes of remote control that are taking place. Both apps have some common features like chat. The process of file transfer can also take place from both sides. Both apps maintain high-security standards with 256 Bit AES Session Encoding.

The apps have many more additional features to help you out with Technical Remote Support and make managing two different devices from different places easier. You can download the apps from Google Play Store or directly from the link provided on our website at the end of this post. Now with these amazing apps get control of another computer, smartphone, or tablet with ease.

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