WhatsApp new encryption for message reactions
WhatsApp new encryption for message reactions

WhatsApp introduced six new features including the in-app support and voice notes best features. If you could not get information on this week’s latest WhatsApp beta updates for Android and iOS, WhatsApp brings you a summary of your missed out news. The instant messaging app is one of the most popular Global messenger that has attracted millions of people.

As one of the most preferred messaging applications it regularly brings stories on its all the current updates, to keep you well informed about on its developments and future plans as well. So, in this case if you have missed out its recently posted stories on WhatsApp’s in app support and voice notes for beta Android and IOS update, go through this summary.

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WhatsApp six new features this week for Android and iOS users

WhatsApp introduced three new features this week. The first introduced feature is ‘ability to contact WhatsApp support right within the app’. WhatsApp enabled this feature in the past but then stop providing support within the app for some unknown reasons. Now WhatsApp has again made this feature available for users using the latest WhatsApp version.

Secondly introduced feature is ‘animated heart emojis’, which has been released for iOS beta testers. Now not only the Red heart but all colorful Heart emojis Will pump for iPhone users!

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Third feature introduced by WhatsApp this week is ‘ability to pause and resume voice recordings’ for desktop beta testers. This is also one of the best releases of WhatsApp this week. The feature is already available on iOS but there is no announcement for Android yet.

WhatsApp six new features of this week

There are several other underdevelopment features also introduced this week which will be available in future update. The first in this line is ‘ability to migrate your chat history from Android to iOS’. You need ‘Move to iOS’ app, to transfer your media and messages after this feature is released. A lot of people expected this feature with the release of iPhone 13 but unfortunately this was not ready when iPhone 13 was released.

Second underdeveloped feature WhatsApp is working on is ‘wallpapers for voice calls’. This feature will bring minor tweaks for the voice call interface to support wallpapers.

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The third in this list of underdeveloped feature is ‘ability to manage two-step verification’ for WhatsApp desktop beta. This feature will be very useful specially when you lose your phone and also forget the PIN and have issues to restore it.

Additionally WhatsApp has also announced ‘new drawing tools’ feature for WhatsApp Android Beta which is also under development. There will be more updates in the coming days or week. So stay tuned for all the latest news on WhatsApp. Follow us for more information on all the new releases.



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