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See Online and Offline activity of your chat with Yansa tracker for WhatsApp app


Chatting with your friends on WhatsApp and unable to see their online and offline activity. WhatsApp doesn’t have the official feature to track online and offline activity. But you can easily track your friends’ online and offline activity. To track the activity you have to download the Yansa app.

Yansa tracker for WhatsApp

Yansa is one of the best and most popular apps to see your friends’ WhatsApp activity. You can see when your friends come online. When they go offline.


  • See when appearing online
  • See when goes offline
  • Track how much time spend on WhatsApp

How to use this app to track online & offline activity on WhatsApp?

You have to download the Yansa app from the Google Play Store your track WhatsApp activity. You can also download the Yansa app directly via the given link below. Once you have downloaded the app you have to open it and tap on the allow button. Again tap on the Allow button to grant media file permission to this app.


After granting permission to this app you have to tap on the plus icon at the top and then select which app activity you want to track WhatsApp, Telegram or etc. You have to choose WhatsApp and enter the contact number of whom activity you want to see. After entering the number you have to enter the profile name. Tap on the Ok button once you enter the profile name.

Make sure you have entered the correct number and name as same as your WhatsApp contacts. It is better to copy the number from WhatsApp than enter the number here. After 15 minutes, it will activate tracking the WhatsApp online and offline activity. You will receive the activated notification.

You will see the online notification and offline notification of that contact once you get the confirmation notification. Every time when he/she comes online you will get a notification. When they go offline you will get the notification.

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