Instagram Selfie Video Notes
Instagram Selfie Video Notes

Instagram, the social media giant, is celebrating its 13th birthday with a bang, introducing a slew of fresh features tailored to the GenZ crowd. Instagram’s latest features enhance the creativity of users and allow users to express themselves in a unique way.

Let’s delve into the latest Instagram features, including Birthdays, Audio Notes, Selfie Video Notes, and the introduction of Multiple Lists for Stories.

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Latest Instagram Features


Instagram now helps you celebrate birthdays in style. This new feature aims to make it more apparent when it’s someone’s special day by adding stickers and confetti to their profile picture.

The confetti effect adds a delightful touch to the profile picture, signifying a birthday celebration. Users can choose to share this effect with everyone or exclusively with their close friends.

Furthermore, Instagram promises additional ways to celebrate birthdays, and your most interactive connections may receive notifications to join in on the festivities.

Instagram Audio Notes and Selfie Video Notes

Familiar with notes on Instagram? Those handy additions allow you to share text and song clips. Now, Instagram takes it up a notch by letting you share voice recordings as notes and even selfie videos.

These voice recordings and selfie videos stay on your profile for 24 hours, enhancing your story-sharing capabilities.

Multiple Lists in Stories

Instagram has officially rolled out a feature it was testing earlier—Multiple Lists in Stories. Initially, users could create a close friends list to share specific stories with a select audience.

Now, Instagram grants you the ability to create multiple lists for different audiences. This exciting feature brings a more customized approach to story sharing.

Wind Up

While Instagram positions these latest features with GenZ in mind, they are undoubtedly versatile enough for users of all age groups to enjoy and utilize.

As these new features are gradually rolling out globally, patience may be needed as they become accessible to all users.

Let’s explore and enhance the creativity that Instagram is coming with. Happy Instagramming!


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