WhatsApp new Move chats to iOS
WhatsApp new Move chats to iOS

WhatsApp is working on introducing the More Emojis for Message Reaction feature on beta Android. The platform is rolling out this update through the Google Play beta program with this update the version reaches In this update, the platform is rolling out the ability to select more emojis for sending as reactions in the future.

It is known that WhatsApp has been testing the ability to react to messages feature for quite some time. The popular Global messenger is bringing more improvements in the feature day by day. In this current beta update, the platform is working to introduce more emojis for reacting to messages.

WhatsApp More emojis for Message Reaction

In the article on WhatsApp beta for Android update released by WABetaInfo, the WhatsApp news tracker gave some reference about the ability to select more emojis as reactions in a future update. At that time there were no details available on which new emojis are being added for reacting apart from the 6 emojis we already know about.

In the WhatsApp beta, for the desktop 2.2215.0 update, the leading news tracker reported that WhatsApp will support all emojis and skin tones to send more reactions. The head of WhatsApp overseeing development and strategy will Cathcart has also confirmed this news through his official Twitter handle.

In this current beta update, WhatsApp is bringing more information about this latest development. WEBetaInfo has also released a demo video of this feature in which you can see that the platform is adding a plus(+) button in the message reaction tray.

When the new version of message reactions will be available in a future update, you will be able to choose any emoji from the emoji keyboard to send as a reaction by tapping the plus button.

As this feature is currently under development process it will be rolled out to beta testers after the first version of message reactions is completely made available to all users.

However, till then the developers’ team is working to bring more improvements in the final version of this feature to give the best bug-free experience to its users because the first version had already faced some bug issues. For further information on all upcoming changes and developments stay tuned with us.



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