WhatsApp new Move chats to iOS
WhatsApp new Move chats to iOS

WhatsApp is rolling out the new interface (UI) for voice calls. This new update will be available to the Google Play beta program. With this update the version reaches up to This version brings a totally new experience for the beta Android users. In this new updated voice calling interface Android users will receive voice waveforms while placing group voice calls.

It is already known that WhatsApp has been working on voice feature for last few months. The platform is upgrading the voice feature to improve the user experience on its app. In this latest release the platform introduces a new user interface for voice calls.

WhatsApp voice calls – new UI

WhatsApp was developing a new redesign for voice calls for the Android and iOS users. It started to roll out the new interface to select beta testers with some upgraded additions. In the available screenshot released by the tracker you can see that the instant messaging platform is also improving the interface in this update for group voice calls. Now you will see a voice waveform for all the participants during the call.

This will help you understand and identify the speaker on a group voice call. As mentioned earlier this feature will at present be available only to certain beta testers, but according to the reports more activations are on the line coming in next few weeks.

WhatsApp is also working on some new features for iOS beta testers which could be available soon. The platform has previously rolled out improved interface for voice calls in this beta update which brings the ability to use wallpaper for voice calls. Though you cannot customize it at this moment but the feature is already enabled. You will get more details on it when the feature will be ready for final release. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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