Samsung next foldable phone
Samsung next foldable phone

Samsung announced that very soon they will be launching their next new foldable phone. It will be released on August 10 this year. This is a new technology mobile phone which will have great features. The camera quality and sleek body makes this phone oh so attractive.

The best part of this phone is that it will consume a considerably little space. You can carry this phone in your hand easily. It takes a few minutes to charge and the battery backup is very good. You can download up to 15MB of video even at 1% charge.

Samsung new latest foldable phone features

Samsung released some good news recently and announced that they are launching their new phone which has a lot of features. This foldable phone has the ability to hold its next major unpacked event on August 10th, 2022. According to a report, pictures of the unpublished Samsung Galaxy Z flip 4 foldable have been shown.

This latest version, named Samsung Galaxy Z fold 4, has already announced their launching time and period. There are some rumors that this Samsung Galaxy phone will come in May 2022 but the actual date is 10 August and this latest version is on its way.

According to the sources the Samsung’s foldable Galaxy Flip 4 portfolio will not endure any considerable and it is manufactured in new design since it’s first recapitulation. According to the reports, the Verge, Jon Prosser, has informed that the leaker has revealed Samsung’s upcoming launch date as August 10th, but still something is left on this phone to be modified, that’s why the launching date is announced as August 26th, 2022, for this device.

  • What is the cost of this new Z flip phone?

This latest version costs Rs. 62,999.

  • Can this new Samsung flip phone break?

No, it can’t break easily but you have to look after it because if the phone falls down 4 to 5 times then it will break.

  • Is the Samsung Z fold 4 waterproof?

Yes, this attractive Galaxy Z Fold 4 is waterproof and can withstand rain. You can click pictures and make your video underwater also. When this phone becomes dirty, you can clean this device with water.


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