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Record all your phone calls and VoIP Conversations easily with the ‘Call recorder – Cube ACR app’


Call recorder – Cube ACR app is a very useful application that lets you record all your Incoming, Outgoing phone Calls and VoIP Conversations very easily. The application is available as a free app and is technically the most advanced call recorder among all other available options.

The app comes with a robust Call recording functionality wrapped in a slick and intuitive user interface that also makes it very easy to use. So, if you have tried recording calls with other recording applications and are not satisfied with the result, then you must try this one. To know all the details of this amazing application go through this article till the end.

Call recorder – Cube ACR app

Call recorder-Cube ACR app not only supports phone calls but also signals, Skype 7, Skype Lite, Viber, WhatsApp Facebook, Telegram, and many others to record calls. The app has many more useful features. You can either choose to automatically record each conversation or create a list of some selected people whose calls you want to be always recorded.


The app also provides you with an option to create an ‘exclusion list’. Here you can create a list of those contacts whose calls you don’t want to be recorded automatically. You also get the option of ‘manual recording’ by tapping the record button in the middle of a call if you want to record only some selected parts of a Conversation.

The ‘in-App playback’ feature of the call recorder – Cube ACR app manages your recordings, plays them, deletes, or exports them to other services or devices with its inbuilt file explorer. The ‘Smart speakers switch’ feature lets you switch from loudspeaker to ear speaker just by bringing the phone to your ear during playback.

You can even mark important calls and filter them for quick access with its ‘starred recordings’ feature. The app also lets you call back and open contacts straight within the app.

Call recorder – Cube ACR app also has a premium subscription version that grants you access to some extra features. The premium features include ‘cloud backup’ that saves your call recording to Google Drive and even restores them. You can protect your recordings with the ‘pin lock’ feature.

This subscription provides you MP4 format for recordings call and also saves them to an SD card. Then there’s the ‘shake-to-mark’ feature with which you just have to shake your phone while recording a call. This will mark the important part of any conversation.

The ‘smart storage management’ feature automatically deletes unimportant calls and ignores recording Short calls. You can even play, share or delete any recording just after the Conversation. The Call recorder – Cube ACR app provides you with a Crystal clear sound recording quality.

However, you should know that all devices do not support VoIP call recording but it does work on tablets. If the app is not working on your device or you can hear your own voice on playback then go to the settings and try changing the recording source. You can also try using the auto-on speaker mode.

How to use this app

To use a Call recorder – the Cube ACR app, download and install on your smartphone. Before you get started the app asks you to grant necessary permission in order to work. The required Operating System for this app to run is 4.4 and above. It is a totally free app and is ad – supported. You can download it from the Google Play Store or directly from the link provided below on our website.

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