WhatsApp introduced 8 new features this week
WhatsApp introduced 8 new features this week

WhatsApp is releasing the ability to add up to 512 group participants on all platforms. In the previous update, the Instant Messaging App released the ability to react to messages for WhatsApp Android, iOS, and Desktop users. According to the latest reports of WABetaInfo, the platform is now rolling out one more useful feature to all WhatsApp users.

The popular global messenger and chat support software has been releasing a lot of new features for all platforms. Recently the platform had been working to upgrade its group features extending its participant limit. In this recent update, WhatsApp is releasing the ability to add up to 512 group participants on all platforms.

WhatsApp groups will have 512 participants now

According to the reports of the leading WhatsApp new tracker WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has posted a new blog on their official website in which the platform has announced all their upcoming new features available in the coming weeks. The first among them is the availability of the Message Reactions features to everyone.

The company Co-owner Mark Zuckerberg had already announced it. But the report further mentions that as WhatsApp is gradually rolling out this feature it will take a minimum of 7 days for everyone to get it.

The second release is the ability to share media files up to 2GB followed by an end-to-end encryption feature. Previously the company had released this feature only to Argentinian beta testers. But it is reported that now the company is ready to release it to everyone.

In this latest release, WhatsApp has announced one more useful feature that brings the ability to add up to 512 group participants. WhatsApp news source reveals that now you can add up to 512 participants to your WhatsApp groups.

This was reportedly one of the top requested WhatsApp features by billions of users. However, this feature is also assumed to be very useful when the ability to create WhatsApp communities will be released. It will also be available to WhatsApp beta for Android users.

However, according to the posted blog, WhatsApp is rolling out this feature in steps so it is not available to everyone at present. So if you are not able to add more than 256 group participants please wait for a future update as more activation is on the line. For more information on all upcoming new updates keep following us.



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