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WhatsApp rolling out Dark Theme feature for (UWP) Universal Windows platform


WhatsApp has released a big news for Universal Windows platform. WhatsApp is rolling out a ‘Dark Theme’ feature for UWP beta testers today. This new update is available on Microsoft store through the official beta channel. With this update the version reaches to 2.2205.2.0. The beta testers can now try out the stylish dark mode in this version.

WhatsApp has been releasing a lot of new features back to back recently. The Facebook owned platform presented an opening update of UWP app on Microsoft store seeking feedback, a few weeks ago. With this opening update the platform started to bring more improvements on Windows adding more updates. Let us get the details of this latest added dark theme feature on Universal Windows platform.

WhatsApp rolling out New Dark Theme feature for UWP

Universal Windows platform is a computing platform created by Microsoft and first introduced in Windows 10 to help develop Universal apps that runs on Windows device. In its recent update WhatsApp has introduced some minor user interface improvements for the app like adding animations and improving design for chat bubbles. According to the reports, in this latest update the instant messaging app is finally applying the dark theme to the platform.


In the screenshot released by a leading news source you can see that when you apply the dark theme on Windows platform WhatsApp will set the theme to dark instantly. You can select the theme right within WhatsApp settings by tapping ‘General’ and then ‘themes’. If you want to use another theme, you will have to restart the App to apply new changes.

Additionally the app has also submitted some other changes. The first change you will notice is, now the app tint colour is green. In other minor user interface change, a slight space between chat Bubbles has been introduced. And third change is that, now when you switch between conversations the app response more quickly.

All the applied changes are available to the beta testers using the latest version of WhatsApp beta UWP. If it is not available to you, go to the Microsoft store and update your WhatsApp account. Special thanks to commander Jerome and Traiti for testing and reporting on this feature. For more updates on all other upcoming development be with us.

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