Free Storage Space on Your Android
Free Storage Space on Your Android

Purchased an Android device but realized you are running out of storage space in a few months. If you are in the same boat as us but don’t want to uninstall apps, here are some of the quickest ways to free up storage space on your Android smartphone.

How to Free Storage Space on Your Android Phone

Utilise Google Files

If you’re struggling with limited storage on your Android device, Google’s Files app is here to rescue you. In case your device doesn’t come with the app pre-installed, simply download it from the Google Play Store.

Upon opening the app, you’ll find a variety of methods to reclaim storage space, including the removal of duplicates, deletion of junk files, and eliminating old screenshots and large files.

The app simplifies the process of sorting and removing files, making it one of the most efficient ways to free up space on your Android device.

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Backup Photos to the Cloud

If you’re an avid photographer and your Android phone’s storage is rapidly depleting, Google Photos can be your savior.

Even if your device lacks a microSD card slot, the free tier of Google Photos offers up to 15GB of storage.

To create more space on your device, launch Google Photos and click on your profile picture in the top right corner. Look for the ‘Free up space’ option and tap on it.

The app will then delete camera photos from your device that have already been backed up on your Google account.

Clean WhatsApp Media

Are you a part of numerous WhatsApp groups where media files are shared daily? If so, your device may quickly run out of storage due to WhatsApp automatically downloading images, videos, documents, and more.

To clear the clutter caused by WhatsApp media, open the app and tap on the three-dot menu in the top right corner.

Navigate to the storage section, access the data sub-menu, and select ‘manage storage.’ Here, you’ll find various files that are consuming valuable space, with the app offering the option to delete them swiftly.

Wind Up

In a world where digital clutter can quickly overwhelm your Android device’s storage, these simple tricks can help you free up storage space on your Android phone.

By using Google Files to declutter your files, backing up photos to the cloud with Google Photos, and cleaning up your WhatsApp media, you can ensure that your Android device always has enough free storage space to meet your needs.

Don’t let storage limitations hold you back; take control of your Android’s storage today!


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