Passkey Support in WhatsApp
Passkey Support in WhatsApp

We are living in a digital era where online security is important and traditional passwords aren’t enough to secure our digital lives. Google and Apple were the first movers to implement passkey support to provide perfect safeguards to their users. Now great news is coming Passkey support in WhatsApp is going live in the beta channel.

Let’s know in depth about it and how it’s going to push our security to an advanced level.

WhatsApp Rolls Out Passkey Feature for Users

We all know WhatsApp is a renowned giant real-time messaging platform. It has taken a great yet effective stride towards strengthening users’ security.


Meta-owned WhatsApp has started experimenting with passkey support for beta users. This advancement allows users to log in with their fingerprint, face, or screen lock pattern or pins.

Users can navigate to WhatsApp Settings > Account if they’re on the latest WhatsApp beta for Android v2.23.20.4.

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Strengthening WhatsApp’s Security Measures

In response to the escalating threats of scams and phishing, WhatsApp has been proactive in fortifying its security features.

Earlier in 2023, Meta, WhatsApp’s parent company, introduced three new security features: Device Verification, Automatic Security Codes, and Account Protect.

In subsequent updates, WhatsApp introduced Chat Lock to shield private conversations and even worked on concealing users’ IP addresses during calls.

Passkeys, a crucial addition to this security arsenal, generate cryptographic key pairs, combining numbers or characters.

One part of the key pair resides in your password manager, while the other is securely stored on the service provider’s server.

Only when these two keys match can your login details be accessed, ensuring unparalleled security.

Simplifying Passkey Management

Unlike traditional passwords, passkeys eliminate the need to remember complex strings of characters.

These passkeys can be conveniently saved in your preferred password manager, as long as it supports passwordless login.

This not only enhances security but also makes you less susceptible to hacking and phishing attempts, surpassing even the security provided by multi-factor authentication.

Wind-up (Passkey Support on WhatsApp)

While people are concerned about their online security, Whatsapp has taken a marvellous move to provide paskey support on WhatsApp that goes live on the beta channel.

It’s a great stride to serve users top-level security to strengthen their trust and belief. Passkeys are the safest future of online security and WhatsApp is leading from the front.



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