Hello UPI Payments with Your Voice
Hello UPI Payments with Your Voice

Supporting the digital revolution in India, a new initiative was announced in the Global fintech fest. Governor of reserve bank of india, Shri Shaktikanta Das introduced a new feature “Hello UPI” to make UPI payments with voice.

This feature is powered with AI capabilities. It has been a new yet effective way to transform the Unified Payment Interface ( UPI) system.

In this broadly described article, we will understand and learn this feature’s ability and functions.

The Emergence of Voice-Enabled UPI Payments

This development specifically works with conversation Al that does initiate to UPI.

It ensures that users will soon be able to pay anywhere by just using their voice commands.

This feature is a masterpiece as it is going to make online payments easier. It supports users to verbally input their UPI PIN to make payments effortlessly.

Online payments through UPI will be done completely hands-free in future. However, There’s a catchy element of user privacy while using such advancements.

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Integration Across Multiple Platforms

This voice command based UPI development witnesses we’re living on the peak of the top Technology era.

This advancement with Ai driven payment capabilities extends beyond smartphones. Users will have the option to use this feature via telecom calls, IoT devices.

Users can make UPI payments through PhonePe, Google Pay, PayTM, and even through smart home assistants using this feature.

To make this advancement top notch NPCI is collaborating with IIT Madras’ Nilekani Centre at AI4Bharat.

They’re ensuring that Hello UPI will be available in Hindi and English on its launch. Furthermore, Regional languages will also be added afterwards.

Streamlining Bill Payments with AI

Being a revolutionary unit, NPCI is not going to stop with voice-enabled payments only. Soon users will see “BillPay Connect,” a nationalised number accessible through the Bharat BillPay app.

It means users can effortlessly pay their bills and receive payment reports with simple “Hi” or through a missed call.

There’s a lot more things to come like bill payments through AI-powered voice commands. The best thing is all these advancements will also support users not owning a smartphone.


Ai has never been that useful before but users with “Hello UPI” can make UPI payments with voice commands with ease.

Now we can witness the bright future of UPI with “Hello UPI” advancement. While we move forward with AI powered UPI payments, users may face difficulty to trust this feature for their privacy and security.

In order to make UPI payments versatile and seamless, this advancement was made at the global fintech fest 2023.

The financial technology sector is ready to shine with innovative movements like “Hello UPI”. Share your opinions about this move from NPCI in the comments below.


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