Call backup with E2PDF app
Call backup with E2PDF app

E2PDF is a highly productive app that helps you to take a backup of your SMS statistics, call log statistics, and all others in XML or PDF. It is a popular app that lets you restore your backups for your messages and calls. It helps you save all your important information without losing it.

We all know that in today’s internet-driven world digital data plays a very significant role. Backing up in a hard drive is risky as if the drive dies you may end up losing all your data. So, it’s always good to opt for a regular data backup through Backup recovery software. Here you will know about such a productive app that helps you take backups easily.

Today we have many effective options through which we can Store and back up our valuable data. Know about the specifications and other details of this wonderful backup recovery app below.

EZPDF – Take backup and restore your important information

E2PDF lets you get SMS Backup and Restoration of all your important conversation through PDF backup. Just select what you want to keep and enter output the file name. You can store the generated backup either in your email or local drive. Also, you can share the saved files through WhatsApp, email, wifi, or Bluetooth.

You can just choose to save it in a cloud location or wherever you want. This application even works as an SMS tracker operation for courts or legal purposes. It lets you take a PDF backup in the record and later use it according to your need. The App even works perfectly with other SMS tracker apps.

E2PDF app also features a backup of Call Log and details of SMS conversations for any specific contact. However, this is a TrueCaller feature and comes totally free for users. The app provides features called call statistics and SMS statistics that let you get full statistical information of all dialed, Received, Missed, and Rejected numbers along with sent and received messages.

It provides this information on a daily basis. Along with this it also provides information on total call duration and the total number of sent and received messages within a specific date range.

Additionally, E2PDF also gives you the ability to customize your contact name, number, and email address for your contacts backup. Thus the orphan email addresses are saved in your device but not directly link to any contact. The app uses standard writers to generate PDFs.

So output file works well with almost all readers like Adobe Acrobat, Zodo PDF reader, Nitro, and many more. The Truecaller backup, Google contacts, SMS, and phone contact backup are totally free features the E2PDF app provides.

To use this app make sure to download and install it on your device. You can download it from the Google Play Store or directly from the link provided on our website at the end of these posts. Now with this amazing app never lose any important data.

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