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WhatsApp Chat history backup – Limited plan offer from Google to save on Drive


Google is offering a limited plan for chat history backup of WhatsApp. WhatsApp Android users will already know that after WhatsApp and Google made an agreement a few years back, Your WhatsApp chat backup does not count against Google Drive storage quota. This is an advantage for those who use Android because there is no unlimited storage backup plan for Apple users on iCloud.

But there is a possibility of a change coming in the future. Chat backups for WhatsApp on Google Drive may not receive unlimited storage space in the coming days. Last year the technology company has also stopped offering unlimited storage for Google photos.

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WhatsApp Chat backup Limited Plan

You all are aware of the backups you need to do on Google Drive to avoid losing your data. Backups are needed so that you don’t run out of space on your phone. Android users have the option to take WhatsApp backup over their Google account. A new under-development feature was spotted 3 months back. The new feature allows you to manage your WhatsApp chats while backing up on Google Drive.

This feature enables you to exclude certain types of messages from the backup so that you can save space on Google Drive. Most of you may think that since WhatsApp backups do not count against Google Drive storage quota. There is no reason for the platform to develop a similar feature. But now the reason for planning to release a similar feature is clear.

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There are reports that Google is now planning to stop offering the unlimited plan to store your WhatsApp backup. The leading news portal about WhatsApp also added that in a limited plan offer, backups for WhatsApp will be counted against your Google Drive storage quota which means that now you can store only a certain quota of your chat history on Google drive for free.

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In an available preview, you can see some important strings that explain what changes are going to be made for a future update. The company is specifically planning to introduce changes for backups. The giant search engine will send notifications when Google Drive is almost full. When the storage reaches its limit and information on when the changes take effect.

However, in accordance with these strings, Google will still provide a certain quota of WhatsApp chat backup storage for free. But of course, it will offer limited space. There is no detailed information about the new storage plan right now. You will get all the latest news about this new plan if there is any. Till then be with us.

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