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BGMI relaunch Welcome Rewards – All you need to know about it in detail


BGMI finally relaunch in India and is offering exciting welcome rewards for the players as a welcome gift. You can earn them very easily while playing and enjoying the game. Krafton India has introduced this brand new event with the relaunch of the game and has named it ‘welcome back’. This event will reportedly provide users with an enriched gaming experience.

As declared by the company the in-gamers servers have been sent online from today morning. Android users are now finally able to log into the much-awaited Battle Royale game. The reward event will make the comeback of the game even more thrilling for users. It is a golden opportunity for players to earn some great rewards. Here is all you need to know about the details of BGMI welcome rewards.

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BGMI relaunch and Welcome Rewards

The BGMI welcome back event has created excitement among all enthusiastic game lovers. Players can earn attractive incentives and bonuses which will later serve them as a means to get desired items like skins, costumes, weapon upgrades, exclusive cosmetics, rename cards, and many more.

You can earn these rewards by completing daily missions, participating in events and challenges, actively achieving specific milestones, and progressing through the game’s battle pass system.

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By completing the task you will accumulate return points and you have to combine them to get rewards in the welcome back event. You have to play matches in the main event. There are specific return points after you complete the following task. If you log in today you earn 5 return points, 5 return points for picking up supplies from the ground one time, 10 return points for restoring health one time, and 20 return points for defeating one enemy.

The Battleground Mobile India welcome back event can be accessed in the events section. The event is live till 26 June 2023. Here are what extraordinary rewards you can unlock and with how many points.

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Permanent cover can be claimed with 40 return points, permanent outfit with 80 return points, Time-limited helmet for 10 days with 120 return points, Time-limited backpack also for 10 days with 160 return points, Time-limited firearm for 7 days with 200 points, and Time-limited vehicle for 10 days with 240 return points.

Additionally, BGMI has also included some sub-events that offer daily return random gifts to players for logging into the game regularly for eight days. You can even earn additional rewards in the Match Perks sub-event. Notably, BGMI welcome rewards are currently not available to iOS users however it is expected that the company will soon make the servers online for iOS devices too.

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