Gun Lock Screen App
Gun Lock Screen App

Decorate your phone screen and protect your phone’s privacy with Gun Shooting Lock Screen App. You all know that mobile phones have become an important part of our lifestyle. This technological gadget is used for multiple functions for our day-to-day needs.

So, it is very important to be careful about its privacy and security.

Today you will know about an app that will help you protect your phone’s privacy along with making your phone screen lock beautiful.

All devices provide an app-built system to lock your phone with either PIN, pattern, or password.

Still to do so in a different way is always interesting. Now you can get rid of your old boring screen lock and make it special.

With Gun Shooting Lock Screen App you can decorate your phone screen in a unique way that will make your device screen lock look more attractive.

Know about its Gun lock specifications and other details in this article below.

Gun Shooting Lock Screen

This amazing app is loaded with a huge theme Store. You get various Lock Screen themes with 3D wallpapers and realistic effects.

You can choose your favorite style among HD fidget spinner style locker, butterfly lock screen saver, zipper style locker, and many more, and can choose among more than a thousand options.

The app also provides you with different ways to unlock your phone screen. You can choose between the slide, long press, pattern, fingerprint sensor, and pin to unlock your device.

However, at present, the fingerprint locker is artificial and used only for fun. Currently, the app is not able to identify your fingerprint.

Gun Shooting Lock Screen App offers strong security to protect the privacy of your device. You can set individual passwords for each of your apps.

This will help you prevent any unauthorized access to your phone’s photo gallery, videos, messages, and other important documents. This app also features a digital clock and date.

When you enable this feature it will display accurate time and date on your home screen.

Before you get started the app will ask for the Device Administrator’s Permission
To use the Gunlock app make sure you have downloaded and installed it on your device.

You can download the Gun shooting lock app directly from the link provided on our website at the end of this post.

Now with this free personalized app design your screen locker with cool animated effects and protect your phone’s privacy.

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