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WhatsApp Screen Sharing Feature for Video Call: Enhance Communication


WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform, is constantly evolving to offer its users new and exciting features. One of its latest additions is screen sharing for video calls by WhatsApp.

This WhatsApp feature allows users to share their screen with friends and family during video calls, enhancing communication and collaboration.

In this article, we will delve into the details of this new feature and explore its benefits.


What is WhatsApp Screen Sharing Feature?

WhatsApp screen-sharing feature allows users to share their device screens with others during video calls.

Whether you want to show a presentation, browse through a photo album, or provide step-by-step instructions.

This feature enables seamless screen sharing across various devices, fostering effective communication and enhancing user experience.

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How to Enable Screen Sharing on WhatsApp?

Enabling screen sharing on WhatsApp is a straightforward process. To begin, initiate a video call with the desired contact.

Once the call is connected, locate the screen sharing icon, usually located on the call interface.

By tapping on this icon, you can instantly start sharing your screen, allowing the recipient to view your device’s content in real time.

Collaborative Work Made Easy

WhatsApp’s screen-sharing feature is not limited to personal use; it also proves to be a valuable tool for professional collaboration.

Whether you need to brainstorm ideas with colleagues, review documents, or provide remote support.

The ability to share screens during video calls enhances productivity and streamlines communication, even when working remotely.

Privacy and Security Measures

Concerns about privacy and security are paramount when it comes to sharing screens during video calls.

WhatsApp understands this and ensures that the screen-sharing feature is designed with user privacy in mind.

The feature allows users to control what they share and provides options to limit the screen sharing to specific windows or applications, ensuring a secure and controlled sharing experience.

Enhanced Learning and Assistance

Screen sharing on WhatsApp can also revolutionize the way we learn and seek assistance.

With this feature, teachers can conduct virtual lessons, demonstrate concepts, and share educational resources with their students.

Additionally, individuals seeking technical support or guidance can benefit from visual aids and step-by-step instructions provided through screen sharing during video calls.

Compatibility and Accessibility

WhatsApp’s screen-sharing feature is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, ensuring widespread accessibility.

Users can seamlessly share screens across different platforms, allowing for cross-device collaboration.

Whether you use a smartphone, tablet, or computer, this feature is designed to cater to a wide range of devices, making it easily accessible to a global user base.


WhatsApp’s screen-sharing feature brings a new level of interactivity and collaboration to video calls.

Whether it’s for personal or professional use, the ability to share screens enhances communication and productivity.

With its focus on privacy and security, cross-platform compatibility, and a user-friendly interface.

WhatsApp continues to innovate and provide its users with valuable tools to connect and engage.

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