Screen Lock Time Password
Screen Lock Time Password

You must be setting the phone lock to secure your phone from an unknown person. When you set the phone lock then nobody can unlock your phone with your phone lock password.

But you never use this unique real-time screen lock password on your phone. To set the real-time lock on your phone you have to download the new real-time lock on your phone.

Real-Time Lock Password app

This is one of the best apps that lets users set the real-time lock on their phones. Users can also set the customizable lock screen and add their names to the lock screen.


  • iPhone-style screen lock
  • Customizable lock screen
  • Parallax effect lock
  • Add your name on the lock screen
  • Customize wallpaper
  • 24-hour time format
  • Pin Passcode
  • Pin + Minute Passcode, Pin + Current Time Passcode, Pin + Day Passcode, Pin + hour passcode

How to download and use the screen Lock Time Password

You have to tap on the given download link to install the screen lock app. You can also download the screen lock app from Google Play Store. Open the Play Store and tap on the search icon then search the time lock app. Tap on the download button to download and install the screen time lock app on your phone.

Once the real-time lock app is downloaded on your phone you have to open the app and toggle the Enable Lock option. It will ask for permission you have to tap on the allow option and enable the permission. You have to toggle the Enable lock option again and grant permission.

Enter the some Recovery Passcode Answer once you grant the permission to this app. Now the real-time screen lock is set on your phone.



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