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Translate your WhatsApp chat in Hindi using ‘Hi Translate – Chat Translator’


Today we live in a world that provides us with all that we look for. We have different applications for different needs. ‘Hi, Translate – Chat Translator’ is one such app that lets you translate your WhatsApp chat into Hindi. With the help of this app now you can easily chat with anybody without a language barrier.

You can even text in different languages without worrying about misunderstandings. Words describe our very specific emotions. Sometimes there may be some particular things that may be better described in other languages. Words reflect the culture and society using them. This is why we need Translation.

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Cultural differences often make translation difficult. Thanks to the present time which provides us with the convenience that has made this difficult job very easy now. Know all details about this app in the article below.

Know about Amazing Hi Translate – Chat Translator app

Hi, Translate is a real-time translation tool which is breaking down language barriers. This very first introduced translation app worldwide supports cross-application translation. Users can get instant translation directly in chat apps or web pages. It focuses on translation and language education.

This application is bringing the best possible way to connect people around the world. With its amazing service, it has gained more than three million daily active users across 210 multilingual countries. This tool is powered by artificial intelligence and the machine learning technology of Google Cloud.

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At present, this application supports instant translation of text, video, and images not only in Hindi but in more than 100 languages. Along with translation services, Hi Translate is also known to help its users to build up their language skills. This app also has an education application called ‘Hi Dictionary’ which combines a dictionary, translation, and proofreading features.

Of the high usability of its features, this app has notably grown its popularity mainly in India, Bangladesh, and Nigeria. Two of its applications have more than 30 million downloads. The company’s over 3 million daily active users rely on its services for everyday communication. The app also provides instant voice translation with its ‘Speech-to-text feature.

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It has an optical character recognization feature of cloud vision that lets Hi Translate provide image translation in multiple languages. That means with this app you can get the translation of any document in various languages just by taking a picture. The app also provides a high-quality translation which affects user satisfaction with the app.

You can work, study and communicate more efficiently with this app as it provides you shorter response time with a stable connection. Currently, the company provides APIs,s of speech to text, ‘Text Speech’, and translation. According to the reports the company is now working to develop a ‘speech to speech’ translation tool. This tool will let you talk face-to-face with people in different languages.

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How to use the Hi Translation app

However, as per the reports, Hi Translator is a very useful Android app. To use it you just have to download it from the Google Play Store and install it. After this, follow the instructions to get started. Then to translate your WhatsApp chat into Hindi go to Hi Translator’s settings and choose your preferred language.

You have to first choose ‘your language’ and then ‘your friend’s language’ ie the language you want translation in. Then go to your WhatsApp chat and just click on the line or paragraph you want to translate. It supports all chat applications. So download this simple and easy app to use globally. It is totally free to use. Hope you find this article helpful. For more interesting news and the latest information stay tuned with us.

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