WhatsApp working on new Multi-device 2.0
WhatsApp working on new Multi-device 2.0

WhatsApp has a lot of useful features that give broad services to its users. One such feature is to send multiple contacts at once on WhatsApp. In this article, you will get some simple tips that will help you do it without much effort. WhatsApp is a very popular social networking platform that is Loved by billions of users all over the world.

In the course of time, WhatsApp has grown from only a simple instant messaging app to a much more extensive service. Apart from just sharing messages now, you may even share files, and links, make audio and video conversations and also transfer money directly from the chat window.

Know how to send multiple Contacts at once on WhatsApp

With a huge list of features, WhatsApp allows you to share more than one contact details at once just like other media files. You must be sharing contact details earlier also. For this, you have to open the contact list on your phone then select the persons’ contact details then copy that and finally paste it into the receiver’s WhatsApp account.

Or else to share directly on WhatsApp chat you must be tapping the share button while enabling the contact number and the name. Now you don’t have to go through this lengthy procedure to give someone’s contact information. And it is also possible to send multiple contacts at once instead of just one with these few simple steps:-

As the first step, you have to open your WhatsApp account on your Android or iOS device. After this open, the Individual chat or the group chat, wherever you want to send the contacts. Then if you are using an Android device you have to tap on the paper clip icon available next to the message box.

And if you are an iOS user you have to tap on the ‘ + ‘ symbol available in the bottom right corner of the screen. Next select ‘Contacts’ from the menu. All the saved contacts list of your device will appear here. Select the contacts from this contact list that you want to share on WhatsApp chat. At last, tap the ‘send’ button to finally send all the selected contacts.

Hope you will find this article helpful in knowing the WhatsApp trick to share multiple contacts at once. To know more about all the latest tech news keep following us.



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