Android Gets a Brand New Logo
Android Gets a Brand New Logo

In a recent Android 14 upgrade, the World’s famous tech company, Google is set to update the Android with a new logo with the 3D mascot. The new logo is basically a Capital “A” with a 3D touch.

Additionally, This upgrade is coming through with an updated 3D avatar of the Android robot with an adorable look.

Let’s dive into this detailed article to figure out what’s coming soon.

Android Logo Gets a Minor Rebrand

In order to create a cohesive identity with Google, Android is being transformed from “Android” to ” Android”.

This change was initiated just to showcase the brand with more weight and look familiar like Google’s logo.

With this change, Google wants to clarify that Android belongs to Google and it is not a third-party open-source software.

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An Upgrade After Four Years

It’s been 4 years since Google never changed their logos. Back in 2019, Google came with a small letters logo alongside an Android robot.

However, This is now going to be transformed into a capital “A” having a logo with a 3D mascot.

The previous 2D logo has now evolved into a 3D logo. Google believes that Android’s new 3D mascot “can easily transition between digital and real-life environments.”

Inspired by Material Design

Jason Fournier, director of Android consumer brand management, announced this update that the new visuals draw inspiration from Material design, aligning with the Google brand palette and adaptability.

Coming Soon to Android Devices

Google announced that the new Android logo with a capital “A” along with a 3D mascot will be launched this year.

It’s so possible we never see any lowercase letter having logos in any of Google’s products as Google is pushing the Android 14 update.


While everything in the tech era has been evolving with creativity, Google has decided to transform Android with a new logo with a 3D mascot.

Google’s new strategy to strengthen the brand image by adding uppercase letters to the logo is a start only, later we can see Google’s all product logos with the same change.

What’s your view on this move made by Google? Do let us know in the comments below.


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