WhatsApp Multi-Account Feature
WhatsApp Multi-Account Feature

Staying at the top spot, Whatsapp has always been playing revolutionary moves to amaze the real-time messaging industry. It’s bringing something exciting to the table now – the WhatsApp Multi-Account feature.

If you wish to use multiple whatsapp accounts on the same device, This feature will guide you.

No need to keep another phone or device to use multiple whatsapp accounts. Let’s just dive into the details about how this feature will work and how users can get benefits.


Using Multiple WhatsApp Accounts:

Either you have different phone numbers for your business or personal use, or even you want to keep some chat private.

This Whatsapp multi-account feature will let you use WhatsApp as per users’ concerns.

If you’re using the latest WhatsApp beta versions or on an Android device, you’re lucky.

You’ll navigate to a handy dropdown menu at the top of your Chats screen.

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How It Works:

Now let’s understand how this magic works: You just need to click and open WhatsApp and see that dropdown menu that we mentioned above.

You can pick your main account. Boom! You will spot the option to add more funds along with the main.

It’s so simple! This way you can easily divide both personal and business chats into different-different accounts. So finally no need to juggle phones anymore.

Benefits You’ll Love:

One of the major benefits of having a whatsapp multi accounts feature is you organize all your chats as per the business, work, and family chats account, not in a single device.

Whatsapp is already a giant with over 2.7 billion users worldwide. It already has many amazing features and this whatsapp multi-account feature is something that will make whatsapp above the other tiny messenger apps.

Availability and the Road Ahead and What’s Next?

As of now, the whatsapp multi-account feature is limited to Android beta users only. If you are excited to use it right now, just update the whatsapp with beta version.

It might take some time to connect but later everyone is going to use it. The Whatsapp team is testing the program against any error that could break this feature, and the count runs smoothly.

When the whatsapp multi-account feature will be here for Android users, it’s being launched for IOS users too.


While wrapping things up! Whatsapp Multi-Account feature is a game-changer. This feature will help individuals as well as businesses to organize the use of whatsapp.

So if you were using multiple devices for your work, family, and personal life conversation, Here is the magical gift for your multi-account feature—a taste of organized chats like never before. Feel free to comment your thoughts below. Sharing is caring!




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