WhatsApp Share status to Facebook
WhatsApp Share status to Facebook

WhatsApp is enabling the in – App Chat support for Android and iOS users. WhatsApp has been recently testing a lot of features. In addition to those the messaging platform is now introducing this new feature that will extend chat support to you within the app. This feature was already enabled for some beta testers in the past, but it was removed from WhatsApp’s beta version without any known reason.

Now the same feature is making a comeback. WhatsApp had disabled the possibility of receiving support from right within a WhatsApp chat previously. But now the app is again enabling the feature on WhatsApp beta for iOS and Android.

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WhatsApp In – App chat support for Android and iOS

In a previous article on the WhatsApp beta for Android version, the platform announced that it was rolling out a new feature which will enable users to get support from WhatsApp straight from a WhatsApp chat. This update was submitted in the month of March last year. Later on this same feature was provided on WhatsApp beta for iOS too.

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Without any known reason, WhatsApp had to disable providing support to users right within the app. But now WhatsApp in app support gets introduced again. When you want to access it you can contact WhatsApp from WhatsApp setting > Help > Contact us.

From here you may get response from WhatsApp through WhatsApp chat again. WhatsApp will ask you to type the issue you are facing, after which it will get in touch with you through chat to help you to solve your matter.

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You should know that the official WhatsApp support chats will always be marked with green verified check mark so that you know it’s WhatsApp Contacting you. Therefore you have to be careful about people disguising themselves to be WhatsApp representative. So before giving your information always verify if the green verified check mark is there or not.

WhatsApp will ask you to share some information like your phone number, network details. WhatsApp and OS version to figure out your issue and of course it is optional. Currently the in app chat support feature has been rolled out only to some Android and IOS beta testers. So it may not be available to everyone. So, if you don’t see this feature for your WhatsApp account kindly wait for the next update.



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