Whats Tracker App
Whats Tracker App

WhatsApp is a very popular social media that is used globally by a large number of people. Being an open platform its security and privacy remain at high risk. So, you have to be very cautious while using the app. If you are looking for something to keep your WhatsApp secure from unsocial elements then ‘Whats Tracker’ brings you the solution.

WhatsApp is a cross-messaging platform mostly used to send instant messages and share media files. With time it is adding more advanced features like payments to enhance the app. Though WhatsApp keeps the privacy of its users and has added a number of features prioritizing user security, still some threat remains.

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With this tracking app, you can track your WhatsApp profile visitors, monitor the activities of your family and friends, scan and track your profile visitors, and much more. Discover more details about this app in the article below.

Whats Tracker – check who viewed your profile

Whats Tracker is a simple and user-friendly app with a clean interface that is accessible to everyone. This Convenient platform allows you to check the visitors to your WhatsApp profile in just a few simple steps. It also enables you to check your contact location. If you have any insecurity about being tracked by some stalkers this is a very useful tool.

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Via this app, you can know who has been visiting your profile. It works as a great safety tool for girls and kids too. If any female member of your family or friend wants you to track their location you can stay connected with this great app.

Whats Tracker is completely safe and secure for WhatsApp users. People can use this app for their different needs. It has a user-friendly interface so you don’t have to be worried about its functionality. This tracker is formed for all simple computing wireless devices. It can be highly helpful to keep a check on your children too.

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With this app, you can keep track of to control the time your kids spend on social platforms. This app also provides you with a cool chat feature. With whats tracker, you can chat with your friends from nearby locations without sharing your contact numbers. Moreover, this app does not require GPS to track locations.

The app shows all approximate locations considering the privacy and security of its users. This is an app with benefits because along with viewing the visitors’ list you can also track their location on the map. Apart from the above-mentioned features, this app provides some other multi-utility features also like a QR code generator, QR code reader, and Barcode reader.

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With this feature, you can easily generate the QR code of any link or text. It also lets you scan any Barcode from your phone’s camera quickly. You can instantly read any QR code without any delay. The app will also open that page on a web page to get the complete details. So, with the Whats Tracker app now you can scan your profile around the clock.

You can easily find out if the visitor to your profile was a stalker or an admirer. There will be no more hidden visitors as it works even when you are not using your phone. It keeps on updating the list of your profile visitors regularly. Hope you find this article helpful to keep your profile safe and secure just with the touch of your fingertips. For more latest Tech news and information keep following us.

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