WhatsApp secure payment for small businesses
WhatsApp secure payment for small businesses

WhatsApp is rolling out the New time limit for the Delete for everyone feature for beta iOS users. This update has been submitted through the Test Flight beta Program with this update, the current version reaches up to Some users may also get the same feature in a previous version.

In this update, the platform is reportedly upgrading the time limit for deleting messages to some selected beta testers. It is well known that WhatsApp has been regularly testing and adding new features. Being one of the most widely used messaging apps the company has always prioritized the needs of its users. Check out what new the platform offers you in this updated version

WhatsApp rolling out New time limit – Delete for everyone

A few days back the leading WhatsApp news portal WABetaInfo posted an article on WhatsApp beta for the Android update. In this article, the news source announced a feature that allows you to delete messages for everyone. After installing this version some beta users can delete messages within the new limit of 2 days and 12 hours.


Now the popular messenger and chat support software is releasing the same improvements for some more iOS beta testers. You all know that the previous time limit for deleting messages for everyone was 1 hour, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds.

In the released screenshot by WABetaInfo, you can see that now it is possible to delete messages for everyone within the new time limit. To check if this feature is already activated for your WhatsApp account try deleting any message sent an hour before.

If the ‘delete for everyone option appears then the feature is available to you. If this option does not show up please wait for a future update. As more activations are on the line you will expectedly get the new time limit to delete messages for everyone feature soon in the coming weeks.

As per the reports WhatsApp developers team is also planning to develop a new feature for group admins. The report mentions that in the future the platform would enable group admins to delete any message in groups.

However, at present, there are only this many details available about this feature. But as there are any further details available about the release of this feature you will know through our website. For more updates on all the latest features and upcoming development keep following us.




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