How to add links to your Instagram Stories
How to add links to your Instagram Stories

Users can easily add links to your Instagram stories. The platform has enabled this feature for Android and IOS users. Now a days people commonly used social media for their day-to-day needs. Other than simple messaging it also helps you to reach to general public. Many people now use social media even to promote their business and brands.

Instagram, the popular social media platform across the globe has recently added a new feature which allows users to add links to their stories. This current development will help Instagram users with their Businesses. Know how you can add links to your Instagram Stories using few simple steps in this article.

Adding links to Instagram Stories

Instagram is a trending photo and video sharing app having millions of users worldwide. Most of you must be using it to keep your friends and families updated about your life. Now you can use it for promotion also. You can post links inside your stories which will lead your viewers to target link.

To post links you just need to have a business or creator account on the platform and a minimum count of 10,000 followers. Here is a step-by-step guidance to add links to your Instagram stories:-

First of all open the Instagram app on your device and then swipe left to go to the add story option. Upload a photo to your Instagram story from here. Now from the top, tap on the stickers option to open the stickers tray. Inside the stories sticker tray, search the link sticker. Then tap on the URL (the chain icon) option.

After this insert the required link to the target where you want your Instagram followers to go. Then hit on ‘done’. Now share your story as you normally do. To check its functionality view the story and follow the link.

One thing you must know is that you can add only one link per story. Adding multiple links will spam your story. Hope you will find this article helpful to add links to your Instagram stories and let your followers check the amazing websites that you have to share. For more latest tech news and exciting new releases keep following us.



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