Vani Meetings Share Screen
Vani Meetings Share Screen

You must want to share your phone screen when you want to hang out with your friends virtually. You can easily share your phone screen with your friends.

Your friends can also share the meeting link to share their phone screens. The meeting link receiver can see everything that displays on the sender’s phone.

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Vani Meetings Share Screen

This is one of the best apps to join meetings with anyone with your phone. You can see everything that displays on the other person’s phone.


  • See Screen on phone
  • Screen Share
  • No Login requires

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How to download and use the Vani Meetings – Share Screen

You have to tap on the given download link at the bottom to download the new Vani Meetings app. Users can also download the Vani app from the Google Play Store. Open the Play Store and tap on the search icon then search the Vani meetings app.

Tap on the download button to download and install the Vani Meetings app on your phone. Open the Vani Meetings app on your phone after downloading the app and tap on the allow button to grant permission to this app. After this tap on the Share Screen button and it will show you that it will capture everything that shows on your phone screen.

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You have to tap on the Start Now button and then tap on the share link option to share the link with WhatsApp or via other platforms to your friends whom you want to see your screen.

Your friends have to tap on the shared link to see everything that is displayed on your phone. If you want to see anyone’s phone screen you have to download this app on their phone and share the link to your phone. You have to tap on that link to see everything that displays on that phone.




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