Find and Delete Old Emails in Gmail
Find and Delete Old Emails in Gmail

Inbox cleaning is a very tiring and boring job. People mostly don’t enjoy doing this. But with some simple tips and tricks now you can easily find and delete your old emails in Gmail account. Though it is a chore most don’t enjoy but you have to do this, as if you do not clean up your inbox then you will end up with a mess of out dated and unneeded emails in your inbox.

If you want to be productive, you have to be organized. And that is impossible to achieve if you do not clean your inbox. It also takes your available storage space and thus make you miss your important messages. In this article you will get details on how you can do it in few simple steps.

How to Find and Delete the old Emails in Gmail easily on Android?

Gmail has a handy search feature with which you can find specific emails based on sender, subject, text and certain category. But to search the emails those are older than a couple of years, months or days you just have to go to the search box. It is very useful tool to find your specific emails. You can find the search box at the top of Gmail. In the box enter ‘older – than:1Y’ to find emails those are older than one year.

If you want to find emails older than two, three, four or even more years just replace the ‘1’ with your desired number. Additionally you can also use a different timeframe. If you want to find emails those are older than certain number of months or days just enter ‘older – than:1M’ or ‘older – than:1D’. In the same way you just have to replace the ‘1’ here also with your desired number of months or days to find your results.

You can also find the emails in Label Folders which you see in left- hand navigation using the same search expression. When you select a label’s folders on the left, the expression will automatically pop up into the search field. Then just type ‘older – then’ expression and your desired number of days, months or years after giving space bar to get the result. You can also filter your results further apart from seeing old emails quickly.

Delete the Old Email in Gmail

There will several buttons display across the top after the search from where you can filter your search results by options like ‘Has Attachment’, ‘From’, ‘To’ and ‘Is Unread’. Notably the filter options vary according to your search results. To narrow down your search results just select one of the filters. This is helpful if you want to find only those old emails with one of the above options. But still want to see some other emails that you might need.

To remove this filter, just tap on it again. If you want to do more in – depth search, click ‘Advanced Search’ to the right side of this buttons. After searching, finding and filtering your outdated emails you can easily delete them without much effort. To delete these unwanted mails first of all review and confirm the emails you want to delete or remove. It is important because you might end up deleting any important mail.

Then check the box on the left hand side of the top toolbar. This will select all the emails that you want to delete. The total number of selected emails will show at the bottom. If you further want to limit the selection of your mails, click the arrow just next to the checkbox. A menu will be displayed with options – All, None, Read, Unread, Starred and Un starred. Choose an option according to your require in Email.

When you choose the option then you have to just tap the trash icon in the toolbar. Your selected emails will be deleted once you tap on the trash icon. Note that there will be no confirmation asked by Gmail before deleting your checked mails. So in case you have deleted any important mail by mistake do not panic. Just go to the trash folder in the left hand side bar. Select the email you want to restore and move it where you want, like your inbox or labels folder.

To see the trash folder you may need to expand ‘More’ option. But you have to perform this action within 30 days because the emails in the trash are automatically deleted after 30 days. Hope you find this article helpful for doing your inbox or folder cleanup in Gmail. So now you can easily get rid of your old and unneeded emails and remove those junk emails that are piling up in your inbox. For more information on other tech related issues keep reading us.



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