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WhatsApp Business Gets New Features: Check Them Out


WhatsApp has unveiled exciting new features for its Business version during the Conversations 2023 event. The marvelous steps ensure a splendid user-business experience and offer useful tools.

In this guide, we’ll know the latest additions that are coming to revolutionize your WhatsApp Business experience.

Streamlined Choices with WhatsApp Business Flows

The first noteworthy feature is WhatsApp Business Flows. This advancement simplifies the decision-making process of engaging with business. For instance, imagine you’re planning to book tickets through WhatsApp.


Users will get a better yet more convenient and organized menu that allows them to select their destination, seat preferences, and much more.

The amazing part is that Flows will be customizable and address your specific needs. This feature is expected to roll out to WhatsApp Business Platform users in the coming weeks.

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Seamless In-App Payments

WhatsApp has also introduced the ability to make payments within the app itself. This feature empowers users to complete transactions with businesses without ever leaving the chat interface.

You can choose your preferred mode of payment from a range of supported options, including UPI apps, debit cards, credit cards, and more.

In order to succeed with multiple payment options WhatsApp has collabed with PayU and Razorpay. Say goodbye to the hassle of switching apps when making payments.

Meta Verified for Business Accounts

In an effort to enhance trust and credibility, businesses on WhatsApp can now attain the coveted Meta Verified badge. This blue tick ensures that the person or organization is legit and authentic.

In order to apply and get this verification badge business account holders will have to follow a verification process.

In return, they’ll not only receive the verification tick but also gain access to “enhanced account support and impersonation protection.”

While this feature is currently in testing for small businesses, it’s expected to be widely available soon. Pricing details have yet to be disclosed, but it’s anticipated to be on par with Meta Verified costs.

Final Words

WhatsApp business now gets new features and these are exciting additions to the platform tools suit.

Flows, in-app payments, and Meta Verified are definitely going to enhance the networking and trust between businesses and users.

Please share your opinions in the comments below about this splendid move by Meta. Keep your eyes on our portal for further updates in the future.

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