WhatsApp introduced 8 new features this week
WhatsApp introduced 8 new features this week

WhatsApp is rolling out a New set of Tools for voice Notes features to everyone. A Few days back, the instant Messaging App had announced the new voice note player to more beta testers. This update is available in the latest version of WhatsApp beta for Android devices. In this latest update, the platform is reportedly announcing a new update for everyone.

News on updated voice features has been around for a while. The platform has been working to bring some improvements in the visual features for quite some time. Some days ago WhatsApp had already released the updated feature in the beta version of the app. Now the platform announces a New set of Tools for voice Notes feature for everyone on its app.

WhatsApp New voice notes tools

According to the reports, WhatsApp has stated that around 7 billion voice messages are sent every day on their platform. As already known all of these messages are end to end encrypted which gives the users security and not even WhatsApp or its parent company Meta can listen to these voice messages. Now the popular messaging platform is announcing under mentioned improvements for the voice notes feature:-

Playback speed for voice notes at 1.5x and 2x

The first in this improvement list is the ability to use fast playback speed for both regular and forwarded voice notes. This feature has already rolled out last year to the beta testers and some stable users of the app. At present, the company is planning to roll out the ability to play voice notes at a higher speed on a stable channel.

Out of chat playback

This second added improvement popularly known as the Global voice notes player feature brings you the ability to listen to a voice message while switching to a different conversation. This feature is already available to Android beta testers and users of iOS current versions.

Voice waveforms

Third, on this list is waveform visualization. This feature is available on all platforms of WhatsApp. This feature shows a visual representation of the sound on the voice note which helps you to follow the recording.

Remember the Playback time

The fourth added improvement lets you listen to your voice notes from where they stopped. This means in case you pause while listening to the voice message you can again pick up from where you left off when you return to the chat.

Draft preview of voice notes

Next on this list is a Draft preview of voice notes. This feature enables you to listen to your voice message before finally sending them.

Pause and Resume voice Recordings

The last but not the least added revamped feature is the ability to Pause and Resume your voice recordings. This feature is already rolled out to beta testers and is expected to be available for everyone soon. In this feature, you can stop recording if you are interrupted and then again start when you are ready.

According to the reports, all of these features will be available to everyone, which means people using the stable version of WhatsApp should be getting the updates from the App Store and Play Store. So, it is expected that the updates will be widely available for all WhatsApp iOS, Android, and Web/Desktop users in the coming weeks. To get all these features, be sure to install the latest build of WhatsApp from the mobile App Store.

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